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Mattress Protectors: The Buying Guide

Your brand new mattress has arrived and it’s even more comfortable than you remember. You tingle at the thought of your first night on such a luxurious mattress surely fit for a king or queen. Before you lay your crisp new sheet sheets over the bed, you contemplate on the best possible way to maintain your new mattress.

Sweat and skin particles will surely saturate right through the bed linen, only to penetrate deep into your mattress. How can you keep your mattress fresh and clean after years of use? Simple, pick up a mattress protector! Not just any mattress protector will suffice, however…follow this quick an easy guide to cleanliness and comfort.

What is not a mattress protector?

This may come as a surprise, but a mattress topper is merely an extension of your mattress, not a protector. Only 4-8 inches thick, a mattress topper adds an extra layer of comfort and softness. Memory foam mattress toppers, for example, mimic conventional memory foam mattresses by contouring to your unique curves and eliminating motion transfer for a better sleep. Toppers offer a unique feel and design from your traditional mattress surface, but do not offer any added protection from sweat and germs!

What is a mattress protector?

Mattress protectors form a barrier around your mattress shielding it from allergens, liquids creating mold, hair, and stains. Available in a range of types and sizes, protecting your investment surely begins with a mattress protector.

Zippered Mattress Protectors: As its name would suggest, this mattress cover wraps around your mattress like a giant bag, sealed by an impenetrable zipper. Perfect for individuals who toss and turn all night because the zipper will secure the protector in place. Used primarily by hotels, hostels and airbnbs, the zipper protector offers a top of the line sanitation.

Zipped Mattress Protector

Fitted Mattress Protectors: Quick and easy to install and remove, the fitted protector simply tucks around mattresses like a sheet. This protector does not cover the mattress, but rather shield its surface from stains and germs.

Fitted Mattress Protector

Polyurethane Mattress Protectors: Waterproof and incredibly soft, this mattress protector is truly a sensation. Though this protector is made of plastic, it will not make irritating crunching noises and is breathable.

Polyurethane Mattress Protector

Polypropylene Mattress Protectors: A lightweight and durable alternative to cloth mattress protectors, polypropylene is unique in many ways. Developed with low moisture absorption, this mattress protector is both water resistant and simple to clean.

Mattress protectors are step one in protecting your investment. If you are still not convinced, here is a little nugget of information. There are around 10 million dust mites found in the average mattress. Moreover, the human body can sweat up to 200 milliliters per hour in a warm room inevitably saturating your mattress, which you neglected to protect.

Head into your nearest BrandSource retailer and pick up the mattress cover that meets your needs. Our in store Sleep Experts can answer any lingering question you may have, so don’t forget to consult them!

Sleep is a beautiful thing, but only when it is restful and free from worry about what’s on the surface of your mattress.

Angela, Your Sleep Expert

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